Recruiting High Performing People


Chandler HR specialises in helping recruiters to find High Performers.

There is nothing new about the need for effective recruitment. But the concept of staffing strategies to deliver high organizational performance largely remains a hit and miss exercise.

When employers were asked ‘If you knew at the time of hire what you now know, would you still hire this person?' 32% of employees would not be hired.

  1. Economists look at the labour market as chaotic, because so many people decisions are made on emotional, rather than objective grounds. But for those of us who have been working on making this process more predictable, there are tools available that can now benchmark high performance and Chandler HR can support recruiters to improve their effectiveness. Read more

  2. Traditional recruiting techniques simply exacerbate the concept of skills shortage as we try to find people who conform to increasingly specific sets of experiences & skills in an ever growing range of jobs. Read more

  3. The secret to recruiting high performers starts within the organisation. Conflicting views on what a job entails results in selection of competencies that may not be relevant to the role, just perceived as necessary. However, profiling existing high performers and recruiting new staff to the high performance competencies, guarantees a much higher fit for the actual role, not the perceived role. Read more

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