Benchmark high performers to find high performers


To gain a competitive advantage you need either more outstanding performers or less poor performers. The outcome is the same, higher productivity.

The large number of variables inherent in a person’s makeup, combined with the large number of variables in any job, make the task of selecting high performers extremely complicated. And relying on line managers or peers to define the competency profile required for a candidate does not add much more accuracy.

What we do know is that we can recognize high performance when we see it.

What we do know is that we can recognize high performance when we see it.

With extensive research using our new profiling process, Ability Mapping, we have been able to identify that the competency profiles we think are relevant for a particular role rarely align with the profiles developed by evaluating high performers. So it makes much more sense to base recruitment strategies on the competencies identified by a number of subject matter experts (line managers who know the role intimately) or by those displayed by the high performers in the role.

Using Ability Map to add certainty

  • Using the tool, we can assess a small number of high performers to provide a 'high performer benchmark' profile to identify the key competencies that differentiate the high performers from the low performers in any role.
  • We will identify a ‘killer set’ of 8-10 competencies for a role based on competencies developed from an extensive research project which explored competency sets from across the world. We found that the critical competencies that managers use to describe job requirements can be distilled into 31 competencies. These competencies are now integrated into the Ability Map model.